The Perfect Place to Enjoy an Inspired Life


Glorious Central Oregon sunshine filters through the trees and lands on your bare toes. Nearby, birds are twittering back and forth to each other. The invigorating smell of sage and juniper rides the breeze, filling you with the heady, clean scent of nature. Sunlight caresses the primordial canyon walls in the distance, changing its colors from ochre to bold copper to flaming red.

“I love where I live,” you think as you take another sip from your mug and stare out into the peace and privacy of your small slice of paradise.

It’s morning at Ranch at the Canyons and you are lounging on your Tuscan patio, coffee and book in hand. Adventure awaits the day, but right now… in this wisp of time… it’s all about reveling in nature’s exquisite show.

Set in the heart of Central Oregon, the Ranch at the Canyons offers a fortunate few the chance to live in one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Nature’s pristine beauty combined with old world Tuscan elegance and luxurious, secluded living makes our ranch community the perfect place to enjoy an inspired life. With 1700 acres of tranquil land, framed by four dramatic canyons and the stunning Cascade Mountains, the Ranch at the Canyons was designed to create an exceptional living experience.

Every day at the Ranch at the Canyons is a celebration of the laid back lifestyle Central Oregon is famous for. And while juniper breezes, starry nights and heart-stirring views are part of every day life on the ranch, they don’t tell our entire story. Nor does our private estate vineyard, complete with resident vintner. Or our Old Winery Clubhouse, which serves as the beautiful and thoughtfully designed social center of our community.


What our story is really about is crafting an exquisite lifestyle experience for those who desire nothing but the very best. This means that everything is built in harmony with the land, effortlessly intertwining the comforts of Tuscan ranch living with an adventurous life.

We invite you to come explore the Ranch! Meet the developer, learn about our 20 remaining landholdings, and be inspired by one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Call 541-410-1056 to schedule your visit.