Preserving the Spectacular Beauty of Central Oregon

The red road winds for miles, meandering through peaceful prairies, plots of wildflowers, and lush farmland. A juniper breeze rustles the trees and fills you with the earthy smell of nature as the sun sneaks through the canyon walls to your right. It’s a beautiful morning… and you have it all to yourself.


A fleeting shadow skims across the path in front of you. Glancing up, you catch sight of an eagle soaring gracefully through the bright blue Central Oregon sky, simply enjoying


the ride.

Your favorite nestled nook is up ahead. It’s the place you always stop on your morning walk to settle in with nature for a few treasured moments and enjoy the grand show. Just the other day, a family of deer wandered through, munching plants along the way, and you’re hoping they’ll be back.

Ah… life at the Ranch. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Respecting Central Oregon’s history and ecology has always been an integral part of the Ranch at the Canyons lifestyle. Our 1700 acre preservation ranch was designed with thoughtfulness and an undying love for the land, seamlessly integrating nature’s pristine beauty into luxurious, secluded living.

In 2004, we transferred the development rights for the 550 acres adjacent to Smith Rock State Park to the Deschutes Land Trust. This easement provides permanent protection of the land for conservation, open space and wildlife habitat. The old farmland used by early ranching families, the hayfields and orchards, the indigenous plants and flowers, the peaceful open spaces and the spectacular views… all preserved to be development-free, allowing the natural beauty and ecology of the property to be protected and savored.

Deschutes Land Trust was the obvious choice to partner with to protect the beautiful land Ranch at the Canyons rests upon. Their mission is to preserve natural open spaces, wildlife, agriculture, views and values. They are the custodians of Central Oregon’s natural beauty, caring for more than 8700 acres in the region. Because we are a community deeply engaged with the land, Deschutes Land Trust worked hard to help us preserve and protect some of the most breathtaking land in the Pacific Northwest for wildlife habitat and landholder enjoyment.


Herds of elk and deer, raptors, trout and other abundant wildlife can be found roaming the Ranch at the Canyons on any given day. Wildflowers and indigenous plants flourish. Open space abounds. It’s a beautiful intertwining of nature, privacy and luxury at the Ranch. We’ve thoughtfully created a lifestyle experience where everything is built in harmony with the land.


Some would say it’s like living in your own natural park… and it will stay this way forever.