Ranch at the Canyons chosen by Airbnb and National Geographic as the location for the “Night At” solar eclipse event

Ranch at the Canyons can finally reveal that it was chosen as the location for the historical “Night At” event for the 2017 solar eclipse. The once in a lifetime event organized by Airbnb and National Geographic saw two lucky guests spend a night in a specially constructed geodome placed at Ranch at the Canyons. […]

Terrebonne, Oregon hosts Airbnb’s Night At Solar Eclipse Contest

The 2017 total solar eclipse happening on August 21st is a big deal! An eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth blocking out view of the sun. This year’s eclipse should last about 2 minutes (depending on where you’re viewing it from). The last visible eclipse […]

Smith Rock Trail Rides | Ranch at the Canyons

A Unique Way to Enjoy Ranch at the Canyons | 2017

Have you ever wanted to come visit Ranch at the Canyons, take in the sights, connect with nature, and get up close and personal with Smith Rock? Well, you’re in luck! We have many unique ways to see and experience the Ranch, including private helicopter tours, yoga retreats, and fly fishing expeditions, but here I […]