A Summer Wedding Story | Ranch at the Canyons 2016

Summer always brings beautiful weddings to Ranch at the Canyons, complete with a perfect couple and their own unique story. Here’s the story of one such warm August wedding, told beautifully by Catrina Gregory of Wedventure Magazine and captured in pictures by Victoria Carlson. Note: To read the article, use the zoom settings below or […]

Happy New Year, 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017! It’s January and the weather is shifting from about a month of very cold, snowy days to warmer days that have allowed a lot of that snow to melt. It has been a treat to see the beauty of the Ranch covered in pristine, white snow as it reflects […]

The Cavallo Equestrian Center is coming to life!

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what’s going on out here at Cavallo! The construction of many of the facility’s outdoor features have begun and the ground is being prepared for the irrigated grass turn out pastures that will be planted in the spring. We’re excited to be offering many amenities which will include an […]