Preserving the Spectacular Beauty of Central Oregon

The red road winds for miles, meandering through peaceful prairies, plots of wildflowers, and lush farmland. A juniper breeze rustles the trees and fills you with the earthy smell of nature as the sun sneaks through the canyon walls to your right. It’s a beautiful morning… and you have it all to yourself. Almost. A […]

Ride The Ranch

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Horse hooves clatter on the loose rock as they journey down the canyon towards the Crooked River below. The Central Oregon sun peeks over the canyon wall, glinting off of the water’s current. Dragonflies surf the Juniper breeze, And the heady, earthy scent of horse mane fills the air. It’s a breathtaking day. […]

The Perfect Place to Enjoy an Inspired Life

Glorious Central Oregon sunshine filters through the trees and lands on your bare toes. Nearby, birds are twittering back and forth to each other. The invigorating smell of sage and juniper rides the breeze, filling you with the heady, clean scent of nature. Sunlight caresses the primordial canyon walls in the distance, changing its colors […]