Terrebonne, Oregon hosts Airbnb’s Night At Solar Eclipse Contest

The 2017 total solar eclipse happening on August 21st is a big deal!

An eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth blocking out view of the sun. This year’s eclipse should last about 2 minutes (depending on where you’re viewing it from).

The last visible eclipse from the continental United States was in 1979 and the last one that stretched from coast to coast in the United States was in 1918. Central Oregon is on the “path of totality”, meaning Oregonians are able see this year’s eclipse completely from our geographic location. This rare event is bringing many eclipse enthusiasts to Central Oregon.

One notable group coming to Terrebonne is National Geographic! They’ve arranged a special giveaway along with Airbnb for a one-night adventure that includes viewing the eclipse from a jet and experiencing the total solar eclipse with National Geographic explorer and astrophysicist Dr. Jedidah Isler. She’ll be in Terrebonne with a team that also includes a National Geographic photographer. The winners will spend a night in a geodesic dome in the beautiful high desert wilderness.

If you haven’t already secured a spot to view the eclipse, you should enter to win this amazing once in a lifetime event called “Night at Solar Eclipse”.

Enter here: https://www.airbnb.com/night-at

Smith Rock Trail Rides | Ranch at the Canyons

A Unique Way to Enjoy Ranch at the Canyons | 2017

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Have you ever wanted to come visit Ranch at the Canyons, take in the sights, connect with nature, and get up close and personal with Smith Rock? Well, you’re in luck! We have many unique ways to see and experience the Ranch, including private helicopter tours, yoga retreats, and fly fishing expeditions, but here I would like to tell you about riding the ranch. Yes, horseback!

We work exclusively with Smith Rock Trail Rides to provide one of a kind horse riding experiences on our vast property. Because our 1,700 acre ranch is private, it allows us to go on horseback, where no one else can go, getting exceptional views in the privacy of our community and wildland. Here you won’t find crowded trails on our scenic routes but a peaceful opportunity to enjoy nature in the wild.

Smith Rock Trail Rides is owned and operated by Brian and Melanie Thomas, who also manage our new equestrian facility, Cavallo Equestrian Center. Their passion for horses has always brought them to extraordinary places and our ranch oasis at the base of Smith Rock is no exception! They truly feel at home here and they share the same excitement and joy that we have whenever they’re on the ranch. They’ll tell you themselves that the rides they offer never get old, as the stunning scenery, new people, and varied wildlife always make it a beautiful experience.

Speaking of which, Smith Rock Trail Rides offers three different trails that vary in both length and scenery, depending on how much time you’ll want to spend on the ranch. Every ride can accommodate up to 4 people and some of them have snacks or a meal included.

Here’s a brief look at the rides that are offered and a glimpse of the special part of the ranch that will be highlighted on each.

The Ranch Vista Ride: takes you on a tour on the upper trails, highlighting both the amazing vistas of Smith Rock and the abundant wildlife that surrounds us on a 45 minutes to 1 hour trip.

The Canyon Ride: is about 2 hours and will take you into the canyon at the base of Smith Rock’s iconic Monkey Face rock formation. You’ll wind further along the Crooked River to get a front row view of this famous natural wonder up close.

The Rooster Cogburn Ride: which is approximately 3.5 hours is a favorite out here for many different reasons. This exciting ride is very unique in that takes you along trails that have been filmed in famous western movies, like Rooster Cogburn. Because the natural scenery is still there today, this ride really puts you back in time, making you picture yourself riding alongside John Wayne in the wild west!

Ready for an adventure? Reserve your ride by contacting Smith Rock Trail Rides by phone 541-604-6769 or by email info@smithrocktrailrides.com and “Come ride on the quiet side of the rocks”.

Meeting News Northwest Magazine | Outdoor Venues | Ranch at the Canyons 2017

Ranch at the Canyons was recently featured in the April/May 2017 edition of Meeting News Northwest Magazine, covering outdoor venues in the Northwest. There are so many beautiful outdoor areas to host events all over our corner of the world, and this article outlines that perfectly! From business meetings to graduations to weddings, we are lucky to have an extensive and diverse array of outdoor venue options, even just here in Oregon! Cheers to your next event and a little inspiration on where to host it–enjoy!

MeetingNewsNorthwest_AprMay17_Outdoor Venues

A Spring Walk on the Ranch | Ranch at the Canyons 2017

Milky skies can’t hide
Wildlife and green hillsides.
Spring is on the Ranch!

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Looking Ahead to the Total Solar Eclipse at Ranch at the Canyons, 2017

Looking Ahead to the Total Solar Eclipse at Ranch at the Canyons, 2017

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipse_RATC01On August 21st, 2017, a very narrow path on the continental United States will have the privilege of experiencing a total solar eclipse and Ranch at the Canyons is right in the line of sight!

Exactly one year before this solar eclipse, we hosted a special owner’s event where we invited Astronomy Professor Alex Filippenko from Cal Berkley to discuss the spectacular opportunity that this small slice of the US will have to view the upcoming solar eclipse. Considering there hasn’t been one like this in 38 years, and because it will be especially visible in our specific region, we had Dr. Filippenko educate us and prepare us for next year’s viewing so we can make the most of it! Having traveled worldwide to view multiple solar eclipses first hand, Dr. Filippenko is expecting this natural wonder to begin around 9:06 am and then be in full totality for about 90 seconds around 10:20 am.

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipse_RATC05Although there is talk that the prime place to view the solar eclipse is in Madras, Oregon, Dr. Filippenko believes that a few factors will make RATC a much better prospect for viewing, including weather for viewing along the entire path of totality during the eclipse, and the amount of traffic in our area compared to Madras (thousands of people from all over the United States are predicted to make the trek here to Central Oregon to witness the event).

Through Cal Discoveries Travel, Dr. Filippenko will be guiding a group of astronomy enthusiasts here to Ranch at the Canyons, to observe and experience the total solar eclipse from our prime location. For more information about the guided travel package, go to http://alumni.berkeley.edu/travel/cal-discoveries/north-america/total-solar-eclipse-oregon

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipseRATC04What a privilege we have to live in an ideal place to view such a rare, amazing show of nature! We’re looking forward to 2017!

Busy Summer at Ranch at the Canyons

The summer has been off to a busy start at Ranch at the Canyons!

With the building of Cavallo Equestrian Center, the preparation of the newly built home on land holding 47, and our participation in the 2016 COBA Tour of Homes, it’s been a busy place and has brought a lot of visitors to the Ranch.

We are pleased to announce that the construction for Cavallo Equestrian Center is well under way and is set to be completed this Fall! This top notch, full care boarding facility will accommodate 10 horses for RATC home owners living on the Ranch. The included amenities are an outdoor arena and turn-out areas, as well as access to miles of trails on the Ranch’s private property. We believe this will provide a unique opportunity for home owners to have their equine friends close by and also give them a chance to explore the land on horseback!

The much anticipated grand opening of Cavallo Equestrian Center will be a special celebration and a great opportunity to tour the new facility, meet the developer, and get more information about making Ranch at the Canyons your new home. More details to come!

Our tour home, built by Norman Building and Design which sold during construction, generated a lot of attention and gave the tour visitors a great picture of what it looks like to downsize luxuriously! At 2800 square feet, this marvelous home exemplified using space wisely and tastefully while having all the comforts the homeowner would need. We were delighted to open up the Ranch for the tour and meet people in the community who wanted to see our little “glimpse of heaven”.

We had a great experience participating in the 2016 COBA Tour of Homes and we are excited about the enthusiastic interest it generated! We look forward to participating in the 2017 COBA Tour of Homes to interact with the community and showcase all that makes Ranch at the Canyons such a special place to be. We are proud to announce that the home won awards in its class in these three categories: Best of Show, Best Master Suite, and Best Kitchen.

With the sale of more landholdings, we foresee 2017 to be another busy year with new homes being built, new neighbors moving in, and even new horse friends at the stables and on the trails around the ranch! It is inspiring to see what a remarkable community RATC is becoming as it develops and unfolds.

We will be posting future updates on the progress of Cavallo Equestrian Center and the construction of our recently sold landholdings both here and on our Facebook page so stay in touch!

For current pricing and information on available land holdings, please contact Patrick at patrick@ranchatthecanyons.com or visit our http://ranchatthecanyons.com/live/2016-landholdings.

Your Basecamp for Living an Inspired Life

When you open your front door, what do you see? Another house? A wall? A busy street?

What if your view could be this?


Or this?


Welcome to our little slice of paradise, where the great outdoors is just outside your front door. Considered to be the crown jewel of Central Oregon, each of Ranch at the Canyon’s spacious landholdings was aligned to take advantage of the stunning Cascade Mountains to the west and majestic backdrop of Smith Rock to the east. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to co-exist in harmony with the land.

Secluded from the crowds and tightly-packed cookie cutter neighborhoods of Bend and Redmond, The Ranch offers homeowners the serenity they crave. Peaceful mornings. Juniper breezes. Spectacular sunsets. A lifestyle unlike anywhere else.

But more than just incredible views and wide open spaces, The Ranch is also your basecamp for living an inspired life. There aren’t too many places in the world where you can live in the middle of it all without actually being in the middle of it all.

A straight-shot 30 minute drive away, the city of Bend offers a taste of urban chic and unique mountain culture. With over 25 microbreweries, eclectic shopping and fine dining, Bend is an delightful outlet for exploring Central Oregon life.

For skiers and snowboarders, the winter playground of iconic Mt. Bachelor is a mere 42 miles away. Imagine arriving in the parking lot and latching your boots before your coffee even has a chance to cool down!

Living in the heart of Central Oregon makes it easy to get to almost anywhere. The Redmond Airport is less than 10 miles away from our ranch community. With 15 daily flights to cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, traveling is a cinch. (We love that the flight to Portland takes less than 40 minutes!)

Intentional living. Reveling in nature’s beauty. New adventures. Every day at The Ranch is a celebration of the laid back lifestyle that Central Oregon is famous for. Our story can be found in every thoughtful detail and every heart-stirring moment.

Want to be a part of it? Schedule your visit today and let us show you what makes Ranch at the Canyons so special.

Wine a Million Years in the Making

They say a great wine takes time. How about a few million years or so? That’s how long the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Central Oregon has endured, creating an agricultural wonderland for our little corner of the world.

One of the area’s first vineyards, Monkey Face Vineyard’s French-American hybrid grape varietals were chosen specifically for our unique high desert climate. The sparkling cold Crooked River feeding into our slice of paradise, as well as our 300+ days of brilliant sunshine, infuses our grapes with something almost indescribable. Imagine being able to taste nature at its purest in every sip.

That’s the secret behind Monkey Face wine.

(Planted in 2006, with a first harvest in 2010, Monkey Face Vineyard spreads across four acres of some of the most beautiful land in the Pacific Northwest.)

Having a working vineyard in your own backyard is one of the pure joys of being a landholder at Ranch at the Canyons. Our homeowners have the rare opportunity to become involved with vineyard tasks such as spring pruning and the autumn harvest, as well as receiving in-depth education from our master winegrower about the intricate art of creating good wine. Whether they get up close and personal with the vines or simply sit back and enjoy the bustle of agriculture, each landholder enjoys the benefits and beauty of vineyard life as well as their own private label wine to enjoy.

(Kerry Damon, our Vintner, and our winemaker, Linda Donovan of Pallet Wine Company, have worked tirelessly over the last year to create an amazing array of wines for public enjoyment.)

Three varieties of Monkey Face Vineyard white wines are now available for purchase:


  • Designed to grow in color climates, perfect for Central Oregon’s late spring and early autumn weather
  • Flavors of pear, eucalyptus, honey and melon create a smooth, round finish
  • Pairs well with feta, chèvre, salmon and alfredo
  • Released July 2015
  • 23 cases


  • Germanic-style wine, similar to Riesling
  • Distinctly crisp with hints of anise, lemon and sage lend to a delicate, refreshing finish
  • Pairs well with seafood, fresh salads, fruit and cheese plates, Asian and spicy
  • Southwest cuisines
  • Released July 2015
  • 61 cases


  • A dry wine with luscious floral aromas and notes of grapefruit, pineapple, star fruit and lemon for a medium, well-balanced finish
  • Pairs well with Asian cuisine, honey baked ham, fruit and cheese plate
  • Released July 2015
  • 66 cases


Prices range from $30-35/bottle, with case discounts available. Our 2014 reds will be available to the public in Spring 2016 and we can’t wait to introduce those to you.

To purchase Monkey Face Vineyard wine (and taste a bit of paradise in a bottle), please contact Ty Rawlins:



Preserving the Spectacular Beauty of Central Oregon

The red road winds for miles, meandering through peaceful prairies, plots of wildflowers, and lush farmland. A juniper breeze rustles the trees and fills you with the earthy smell of nature as the sun sneaks through the canyon walls to your right. It’s a beautiful morning… and you have it all to yourself.


A fleeting shadow skims across the path in front of you. Glancing up, you catch sight of an eagle soaring gracefully through the bright blue Central Oregon sky, simply enjoying


the ride.

Your favorite nestled nook is up ahead. It’s the place you always stop on your morning walk to settle in with nature for a few treasured moments and enjoy the grand show. Just the other day, a family of deer wandered through, munching plants along the way, and you’re hoping they’ll be back.

Ah… life at the Ranch. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Respecting Central Oregon’s history and ecology has always been an integral part of the Ranch at the Canyons lifestyle. Our 1700 acre preservation ranch was designed with thoughtfulness and an undying love for the land, seamlessly integrating nature’s pristine beauty into luxurious, secluded living.

In 2004, we transferred the development rights for the 550 acres adjacent to Smith Rock State Park to the Deschutes Land Trust. This easement provides permanent protection of the land for conservation, open space and wildlife habitat. The old farmland used by early ranching families, the hayfields and orchards, the indigenous plants and flowers, the peaceful open spaces and the spectacular views… all preserved to be development-free, allowing the natural beauty and ecology of the property to be protected and savored.

Deschutes Land Trust was the obvious choice to partner with to protect the beautiful land Ranch at the Canyons rests upon. Their mission is to preserve natural open spaces, wildlife, agriculture, views and values. They are the custodians of Central Oregon’s natural beauty, caring for more than 8700 acres in the region. Because we are a community deeply engaged with the land, Deschutes Land Trust worked hard to help us preserve and protect some of the most breathtaking land in the Pacific Northwest for wildlife habitat and landholder enjoyment.


Herds of elk and deer, raptors, trout and other abundant wildlife can be found roaming the Ranch at the Canyons on any given day. Wildflowers and indigenous plants flourish. Open space abounds. It’s a beautiful intertwining of nature, privacy and luxury at the Ranch. We’ve thoughtfully created a lifestyle experience where everything is built in harmony with the land.


Some would say it’s like living in your own natural park… and it will stay this way forever.


Ride The Ranch

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Horse hooves clatter on the loose rock as they journey down the canyon towards the Crooked River below. The Central Oregon sun peeks over the canyon wall, glinting off of the water’s current. Dragonflies surf the Juniper breeze, And the heady, earthy scent of horse mane fills the air.

It’s a breathtaking day.


A group of Ranch at the Canyons landholders are touring the beauty of the Ranch in the best way possible… on horseback. Miles of private trails wind them through the serene meadows and conservation land, past gorgeous lakes and down into the canyons of the Ranch. The trails of Smith Rock State Park are just next door, creating even more stunning possibilities.

From May through September, professional horse trainer, guide and instructor Brian Thomas leads Ranch owners through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the West. His life has been one of adventure, culminating in the best job ever… helping people to understand and appreciate horses.

That spirit of adventure is now available to our Ranch community.


Brian Thomas discovered his passion for horses when he followed his childhood dream to move out west to Arizona. But he also had another desire: to live in Alaska. After selling everything he possibly could and moving to Juneau, he realized that owning a horse in Alaska is both difficult and expensive. He began working for a sport fishing lodge and eventually became a partner in an Alaska-Mexico sport fishing business. It was there that he met his wife, Melanie.

The couple eventually ended up in the Jackson Hole area, where they remained for 14 years. During that time, Brian split his year between working for Jackson Hole Outfitters in the Fall, leading deep-sea fishing excursions to Mexico in the Winter and guiding fishing expeditions in Alaska in the Summer. That frenetic lifestyle eventually led to Brian crafting a life that allowed him to be home more often. He sold his charter business in 2006 to pursue his love of horses and become a professional horse trainer.

He wanted to train with the best, so Brian enrolled in John & Josh Lyons “Complete Horsemanship” certification program. It provided a thorough education about horses as well as how to run a successful horse training business. That same year, he became a John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainer and in 2007 completed the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program. Brian was then asked to stay on and assist in teaching the certification program to other students from 2007-2009, which was a huge honor and privilege. In 2010 and 2011, Brian worked at the Lyons Legacy Facility in Nashville, TN, teaching his methods while learning new techniques from Josh Lyons.

Since then, Brian has had the privilege of working with a wide range of horse owners, from backyard enthusiasts to A-list celebrities. While in Jackson Hole, he was even contacted by Harrison Ford’s ranch manager. Ford, an established horseman, had purchased horses from the set of “Cowboys and Aliens” and was experiencing an array of discipline problems. The deal was to have Brian work with the horses while Ford was away. But one day, Brian came to the ranch to find Harrison Ford, back early from a trip, walking the horses. They established a solid friendship while working through the issues Ford’s horses were experiencing.

Brian and his wife moved to Central Oregon a year ago and the Trail Riding program was introduced at Ranch at the Canyons shortly after their arrival. Brian was instantly endeared to the stunning landscape of the Ranch, noting,

“To not be able to ride a horse through this property would be a sin.”


(Meet the Ranch horses: Ellie, Sonny, Slim, Dreamer and JLo)

As the Ranch’s horse trainer and guide, Brian leads landholders on day trips throughout the Ranch’s vast acreage. He uses his own horses and designs the trips at whatever level the landholders are comfortable with.

Brian also helps Ranch landholders with any issues they may be experiencing with their own horses. His ethos is:

Be safe. Learn to control your horse. Stay confident.

“Discipline is important,” says Thomas. “Giving horses a ‘job’ is one of the most important things you can do.” Helping forge that bond between horse and rider is one of the best parts of being trainer, according to Brian.

Ranch at the Canyons is thrilled to have someone with Brian’s experience and expertise at the helm of our Trail Riding program. His intimate knowledge of the land and of horses makes him the perfect guide for landholders to discover the romance and beauty of the Ranch.

Equestrian-friendly living and easily accessible trail riding are just a few of the many amenities that make Ranch at the Canyons unique among luxury ranch communities. Want to learn more about what makes us so special? Give us a call at 541-410-1056

To check out more of Brian’s work, please visit: www.BrianThomasHoresmanship.com