Smith Rock Trail Rides | Ranch at the Canyons

A Unique Way to Enjoy Ranch at the Canyons | 2017

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Have you ever wanted to come visit Ranch at the Canyons, take in the sights, connect with nature, and get up close and personal with Smith Rock? Well, you’re in luck! We have many unique ways to see and experience the Ranch, including private helicopter tours, yoga retreats, and fly fishing expeditions, but here I would like to tell you about riding the ranch. Yes, horseback!

We work exclusively with Smith Rock Trail Rides to provide one of a kind horse riding experiences on our vast property. Because our 1,700 acre ranch is private, it allows us to go on horseback, where no one else can go, getting exceptional views in the privacy of our community and wildland. Here you won’t find crowded trails on our scenic routes but a peaceful opportunity to enjoy nature in the wild.

Smith Rock Trail Rides is owned and operated by Brian and Melanie Thomas, who also manage our new equestrian facility, Cavallo Equestrian Center. Their passion for horses has always brought them to extraordinary places and our ranch oasis at the base of Smith Rock is no exception! They truly feel at home here and they share the same excitement and joy that we have whenever they’re on the ranch. They’ll tell you themselves that the rides they offer never get old, as the stunning scenery, new people, and varied wildlife always make it a beautiful experience.

Speaking of which, Smith Rock Trail Rides offers three different trails that vary in both length and scenery, depending on how much time you’ll want to spend on the ranch. Every ride can accommodate up to 4 people and some of them have snacks or a meal included.

Here’s a brief look at the rides that are offered and a glimpse of the special part of the ranch that will be highlighted on each.

The Ranch Vista Ride: takes you on a tour on the upper trails, highlighting both the amazing vistas of Smith Rock and the abundant wildlife that surrounds us on a 45 minutes to 1 hour trip.

The Canyon Ride: is about 2 hours and will take you into the canyon at the base of Smith Rock’s iconic Monkey Face rock formation. You’ll wind further along the Crooked River to get a front row view of this famous natural wonder up close.

The Rooster Cogburn Ride: which is approximately 3.5 hours is a favorite out here for many different reasons. This exciting ride is very unique in that takes you along trails that have been filmed in famous western movies, like Rooster Cogburn. Because the natural scenery is still there today, this ride really puts you back in time, making you picture yourself riding alongside John Wayne in the wild west!

Ready for an adventure? Reserve your ride by contacting Smith Rock Trail Rides by phone 541-604-6769 or by email and “Come ride on the quiet side of the rocks”.

Meeting News Northwest Magazine | Outdoor Venues | Ranch at the Canyons 2017

Ranch at the Canyons was recently featured in the April/May 2017 edition of Meeting News Northwest Magazine, covering outdoor venues in the Northwest. There are so many beautiful outdoor areas to host events all over our corner of the world, and this article outlines that perfectly! From business meetings to graduations to weddings, we are lucky to have an extensive and diverse array of outdoor venue options, even just here in Oregon! Cheers to your next event and a little inspiration on where to host it–enjoy!

MeetingNewsNorthwest_AprMay17_Outdoor Venues

A Spring Walk on the Ranch | Ranch at the Canyons 2017

Milky skies can’t hide
Wildlife and green hillsides.
Spring is on the Ranch!

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Spring Update | Ranch at the Canyons 2017

After what seemed to be longest winter in Central Oregon, Spring is finally here! All around us, we are seeing the Ranch transform into all of its springtime splendor!
Looking throughout the Ranch, new homes are progressing as they head towards the final stages of the building process and on track to be completed for the 2017 COBA Tour of Homes which starts July 14th. With another new home just breaking ground, and several other owners currently having their plans in for building permit and design review approvals, it looks like there will be at least 4 additional homes under construction this summer.

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Cavallo Equestrian Center is now up and running after welcoming its first horses last month. We’re waiting for a longer stretch of warm weather before planting the pastures and finishing the last few projects and are looking forward to our opening celebration early this summer.
We are excited to have Brian and Melanie Thomas managing Cavallo and bringing with them their extensive experience and knowledge. Brian is a professional horse trainer who has worked in many aspects of horsemanship throughout his life. He currently trains horses and works with clients through his company Complete Horsemanship, and offers exclusive trail rides on the Ranch. Both experienced and first time riders alike enjoy the spectacular vistas of Smith Rock and the Cascade Mountains, all while exploring the Ranch by horseback. We are all looking forward to a fun summer as we continue to welcome new owners and horses to the Ranch!

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With all the exciting progress out here, both on the home construction and on the completion of Cavallo Equestrian Center, we were eager to share some current pictures. Enjoy!

Happy New Year, 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017!

It’s January and the weather is shifting from about a month of very cold, snowy days to warmer days that have allowed a lot of that snow to melt. It has been a treat to see the beauty of the Ranch covered in pristine, white snow as it reflects the sun. And what a view of Smith Rock covered in snow–beautiful!

Despite the weather, we have had contractors out here almost daily working on the various new home construction projects. Residents and visitors alike are excited to see the seemingly immortal framers braving the cold as they build the new homes. This activity is a reminder that our community is growing and we are thankful!

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Two of the new homes that are under construction will be featured in the 2017 COBA Tour of Homes in July and will be offered for sale starting at $1,299,000. The floor plans and home designs have been meticulously put together to follow the Ranch’s Tuscan theme and stand as examples of luxury Ranch living that the Ranch is famously known for. What an opportunity it is for more new owners to become part of this peaceful community set in one of the most gorgeous locations in nature!
The Ranch residents are also eager to meet the new people joining our community as the construction begins on recently sold landholdings.

Speaking of a growing community, with the start of 2017, we have the pleasure of welcoming new owners Larry and Cindy to the Ranch!

Larry and Cindy are California natives who are currently living at Saddle Creek Country Club in Northern California. They have spent their entire lives in California, living in the Bay Area, and both Central and Northern California.
After an extensive search in all the states for a property with a unique landscape and natural beauty, they found what they were searching for in Ranch at the Canyons. That’s saying a lot about the Ranch considering Larry and Cindy are real estate developers and investors! It also speaks a lot about the amazing natural beauty of Central Oregon and this portion of it we’ve preserved and love, our Ranch.

Larry and Cindy said they have a lot to look forward to with moving to the Ranch but they are especially eager to start and complete the construction of their new home. Their plan is to begin building in just a few months, in the Spring of 2017. Once their home is complete, they will relocate their lives to Ranch at the Canyons where they will spend their time enjoying our many features and amenities. Larry has been on a hike along the Crooked River trail at Smith Rock when he was visiting the area, so there’s no doubt he’ll enjoy more of those hikes along with our private Ranch trails once they’ve relocated. They are also looking forward to exploring Oregon and the many other things this great state has to offer, something for which many of us are so grateful.

Welcome Larry and Cindy! From all of us at Ranch at the Canyons, we welcome you to our community and look forward to getting to know you!

New construction at Ranch at the Canyons.

New Homes Going up, to be Completed Summer 2017


Here’s a little glimpse of our progress as we’re getting ready for the 2017 COBATour of Homes.

This year, we will feature two newly built Tuscan style homes on the tour. We are currently in the process of pouring the foundations and one of the most remarkable features of these homes is already in place–the view!

These homes will follow the Tuscan Ranch theme we have out here at of Ranch at the Canyons and will have their own distinct elements. Although all of our landholdings are one of a kind in themselves, our specially designed customs homes really stand out for their quality and uniqueness, which makes each of these homes especially intriguing.

  • The home on Landholding 48 features a 2,862 1-level home with 3 car garage and detached 2 car garage.
  • The home on Landholding 50 features a 3,099 1-level home with detached 3 car garage with large office/bonus above garage.

Construction on both of these homes is set to be completed by July 2017, for the COBA Tour of Homes.

Stay in touch to keep up with our progress. If you’re wanting to make one of these homes your luxury ranch residence contact Patrick at

Smith Rock Views from Ranch at the Canyon real estate development near Bend, Oregon

Love Your Life

At Ranch at the Canyons, we’re all about living an inspired life. What is it, exactly, that compels a fortunate few to call this little slice of real estate paradise not far from Bend, Oregon home? Maybe it’s the gorgeous views in every direction… Monkey Face Vineyard, Smith Rock, The Crooked River and the Cascade Mountains. They each tell a different story. Or maybe it’s the wide open spaces found at The Ranch. With over 1700 acres, there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Smith Rock Views from Ranch at the Canyon real estate development near Bend, Oregon

You won’t find too-perfect golf courses or cookie cutter mansions at The Ranch. Instead, you’ll find a simple, real, serene ranch community living experience in Terrebonne, Oregon located just outside of the city of Redmond… in the middle of it all without actually being in the middle of it all.

Whether you’re yearning to own a Tuscan-style villa as soon as possible or wanting to design a home from scratch to fit your every whim, The Ranch at the Canyons is the perfect place to make your Bend Oregon real estate dream a reality without having to actually be in Bend.

We currently have several move-in ready villas for sale, each one unique in its design and luxury amenities. The Villa De Lago, or “The Lake House,” is over 4,100 square feet of romance and elegant Tuscan details. With beautiful stone towers and a kitchen every gourmet cook will love (complete with a Viking range and limestone slab countertops), Villa De Lago is a new twist on Old World Tuscan charm. Fully-furnished and situated on almost four acres, the property brushes up against one of the 13 lakes on the estate. The best part? A majestic view of Smith Rock — named one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon — greets you each and every day.

To view all available real estate and homes for sale, please click here or schedule a complimentary tour.

Villa De Lago Tuscan Real Estate for Sale Near Bend, Oregon

Love the thought of designing a custom home, with every detail built exactly to your taste? We have 18 private landholdings remaining, each ranging in size from 3.97 acres to 11.28 acres and arranged in harmony with the land, protecting owner privacy and maximizing the stunning views of our famous Central Oregon landscape. Imagine having Monkey Face Vineyard or the Crooked River just a few steps from your back door!

View available land for sale and landholdings to build your dream home in Central Oregon here.

Ranch at the Canyons is structured as a Tenancy-in-Common. This means that every landholder owns a 1/46th share of the entire 1700 acre property. Working farmland, the Tuscan Stables, Monkey Face Vineyard, 500 acres of protected wildland… it all belongs to our landholders. This is just one of the many features that makes living and owning at Ranch at the Canyons the ideal choice for your next adventure.

Our unique ranch lifestyle is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You won’t find Bend Oregon real estate quite like this. It’s time to love where you live, don’t you think?

We’d love to take you on a personal tour of our country estate! Give us a call today to schedule your visit at 541-886-5534 or sign up online here.