Ranch at the Canyons chosen by Airbnb and National Geographic as the location for the “Night At” solar eclipse event

Ranch at the Canyons can finally reveal that it was chosen as the location for the historical “Night At” event for the 2017 solar eclipse.

The once in a lifetime event organized by Airbnb and National Geographic saw two lucky guests spend a night in a specially constructed geodome placed at Ranch at the Canyons. The overnight guests were joined by noted astrophysicist Dr. Jedidah Isler as well as master National Geographic night-sky photographer and science journalist Babak Tafreshi who documented the experience to a massive social media following. The two guests were then off on a private jet to meet the solar eclipse on the path of totality across the United States.

Although the exact location of the “Night At” event was unknown during the media frenzy leading up to the event date, the location has been revealed as Landholding 6, named the “Steeples” for the prominent natural terrain and dramatic rockscape vistas of this home site at Ranch at the Canyons. It is situated in shadow distance of world-famous natural obelisk of Monkey Face at Smith Rock. The silhouette of these pinnacles frames out the sky for un-paralleled star viewing and occasionally, a rare total solar eclipse viewing.

Chamese Christianson, realtor for Ranch at the Canyons said, “the few remaining acreages as well as the homes currently offered at Ranch at the Canyons are awe-inspiring. Residents who get to call this place home are treated to a wealth of natural phenomenon not available anywhere else in the world where every single night can become their own personal “Night At” Ranch at the Canyons.”



About Ranch at the Canyons

Ranch at the Canyons is a gated 1,700-acre ranch featuring only 46 total landholdings. There are miles of the Crooked river with private trails. Included are 19 fishing ponds/lakes, a clubhouse, stables and a vineyard. There are still opportunities to become a resident at Ranch at the Canyons with a few homes and land holdings available for sale. Please contact Chamese Christianson for a private tour at (541) 279-9879 or info@ranchatthecanyons.com.

Terrebonne, Oregon hosts Airbnb’s Night At Solar Eclipse Contest

The 2017 total solar eclipse happening on August 21st is a big deal!

An eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth blocking out view of the sun. This year’s eclipse should last about 2 minutes (depending on where you’re viewing it from).

The last visible eclipse from the continental United States was in 1979 and the last one that stretched from coast to coast in the United States was in 1918. Central Oregon is on the “path of totality”, meaning Oregonians are able see this year’s eclipse completely from our geographic location. This rare event is bringing many eclipse enthusiasts to Central Oregon.

One notable group coming to Terrebonne is National Geographic! They’ve arranged a special giveaway along with Airbnb for a one-night adventure that includes viewing the eclipse from a jet and experiencing the total solar eclipse with National Geographic explorer and astrophysicist Dr. Jedidah Isler. She’ll be in Terrebonne with a team that also includes a National Geographic photographer. The winners will spend a night in a geodesic dome in the beautiful high desert wilderness.

If you haven’t already secured a spot to view the eclipse, you should enter to win this amazing once in a lifetime event called “Night at Solar Eclipse”.

Enter here: https://www.airbnb.com/night-at

Looking Ahead to the Total Solar Eclipse at Ranch at the Canyons, 2017

Looking Ahead to the Total Solar Eclipse at Ranch at the Canyons, 2017

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipse_RATC01On August 21st, 2017, a very narrow path on the continental United States will have the privilege of experiencing a total solar eclipse and Ranch at the Canyons is right in the line of sight!

Exactly one year before this solar eclipse, we hosted a special owner’s event where we invited Astronomy Professor Alex Filippenko from Cal Berkley to discuss the spectacular opportunity that this small slice of the US will have to view the upcoming solar eclipse. Considering there hasn’t been one like this in 38 years, and because it will be especially visible in our specific region, we had Dr. Filippenko educate us and prepare us for next year’s viewing so we can make the most of it! Having traveled worldwide to view multiple solar eclipses first hand, Dr. Filippenko is expecting this natural wonder to begin around 9:06 am and then be in full totality for about 90 seconds around 10:20 am.

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipse_RATC05Although there is talk that the prime place to view the solar eclipse is in Madras, Oregon, Dr. Filippenko believes that a few factors will make RATC a much better prospect for viewing, including weather for viewing along the entire path of totality during the eclipse, and the amount of traffic in our area compared to Madras (thousands of people from all over the United States are predicted to make the trek here to Central Oregon to witness the event).

Through Cal Discoveries Travel, Dr. Filippenko will be guiding a group of astronomy enthusiasts here to Ranch at the Canyons, to observe and experience the total solar eclipse from our prime location. For more information about the guided travel package, go to http://alumni.berkeley.edu/travel/cal-discoveries/north-america/total-solar-eclipse-oregon

Dr.Filippenko_SolarEclipseRATC04What a privilege we have to live in an ideal place to view such a rare, amazing show of nature! We’re looking forward to 2017!