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About Ranch at the Canyons

Ranch at the Canyons is a private 1,700 acre residential community with only 46 landholdings set along the Crooked River at the base of Smith Rock State Park. As a working ranch and farm, homeowners enjoy the gentle bustle of agricultural life while leaving all the work to Ranch management and local farmers.

Landholdings range from 4 acres to 13.75 acres, and include mutual ownership of the entire 1,700 acre property. Ideally situated in the heart of Central Oregon, the Ranch offers breathtaking views of the towering Cascade Range, the desert canyons of Smith Rock State Park, two miles of the Crooked River and more than a dozen lakes spread throughout the property. In addition to natural beauty, homeowners enjoy access to the Old Winery Clubhouse and Guest Villa, the Tuscan Stables, and Monkey Face Vineyard. And with the opening of the Cavallo Equestrian Center, owners now are able to board their horses at the Ranch and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer.

Along with 600 acres of working farmland, the Ranch includes more than 500 acres of land permanently protected for conservation by the Deschutes Basin Land Trust, preserving for generations to come some of the most beautiful space on the property for wildlife habitat and your enjoyment. Herds of elk and deer, soaring raptors, schools of trout and other abundant wildlife call the Ranch home. This protected land is the perfect place to enjoy fly-fishing, hiking, biking and other Ranch activities.

The Ranch is perhaps unlike any other community you’ve experienced. Here, you’ll find something that can’t be found anywhere else. A community that is at one with its surroundings. A setting that combines the best of luxury and simplicity. And a special place to spend time with the people most special to you.