Patrick Ginn Developer of Ranch at the CanyonsIn late 2012, Portland-area developer Patrick Ginn discovered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to deliver on the full potential of the Ranch at the Canyons and bring it to completion. Sensing the chance to be a part of and build a community unlike any other he’s created, Patrick purchased the controlling interest in the Ranch and set out to continue implementing the original vision of the Ranch.

To increase privacy and preserve the land, Patrick reduced the total number of landholdings available to build on within the Ranch at the Canyons from 60 to 46. Since taking ownership, he’s invested considerable money and time to help finish out the community, making it a place worthy of the land, the views and the promise of luxurious rural living on the high desert.

Patrick is a highly successful developer and real estate broker known throughout the Northwest real estate community. He has developed more than 900 residential lots in over 20 communities and has closed more than $300 million in real estate transactions in Oregon and Washington since 2011.

“There are certain projects that capture the heart,” says Patrick. “Ranch at the Canyons is a special place; when I first learned about it I didn’t just see a business opportunity. I felt an obligation to do what I could to help it reach its potential. I’m proud of what the Ranch has become as we continue to develop the community, and look forward to watching it become all it can be.”