Ownership at Ranch at the Canyons

Ranch at the Canyons is organized under a Tenancy-in-Common (TIC) agreement. The Ranch’s TIC agreement states that each owner possesses a 1/46th undivided interest in the acreage and common facilities of the Ranch. That means you get more than just access; you get your proportionate share of ownership of four canyons, two miles of the Crooked River, nineteen lakes, Monkey Face Vineyard, the Old Winery Clubhouse and Guest Villa, and the Tuscan Stables—an opportunity unlike any other in the region.

Monthly landowner assessments cover all operational and reserve costs for the entire 1,700 acres of the Ranch including maintenance for the trails, lakes, and day-to-day upkeep of the Old Winery Clubhouse and Tuscan Stables. Everything you love about the community is taken care of with your dues.  The Homeowner’s Association also pays all property taxes for the land, and owners are billed annually for their tenancy-in-common share.  And with professional management and ample assets and reserves on the balance sheet, you can rest easy knowing that the Association is well-funded and your investment in ownership at the Ranch is secure.

Ranch at the Canyons vs Rural Acreage Comparison

When you factor in labor costs, maintenance, equipment, fuel, insurance and supplies to maintain acreage you own, the landholding assessment fees at Ranch at the Canyons are likely less than what it costs to run the average 10 acre parcel with comparable crop production.