What is Ranch at the Canyons?
Ranch at the Canyons is simply one of the most dramatic and beautiful properties in the Pacific Northwest, offering a combination of natural splendor, old world Tuscan design and abundant recreation, all contained within the privacy and security of a working ranch and equestrian community.

The Ranch includes a limited number of private landholdings ranging from 4 to acres to nearly 14 acres, along with mutual ownership of the entire 1,700-acre property, including approximately 600 acres of irrigated agricultural land and several acres of wine grape production. In addition, more than 500 acres of land have been transferred to the Deschutes Basin Land Trust, providing permanent protection for conservation, open space and wildlife habitat.

Where is Ranch at the Canyons located?
The Ranch is located in the heart of Central Oregon, widely recognized as one of the premier places in the nation to live and play. The Cascade Mountains shield this extraordinary property from the rains of Western Oregon, providing nearly 300 days of sunshine per year. The Ranch is easily accessible, located just 15 minutes from the Redmond Airport, 30 minutes from Bend, 60 minutes from Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort and less than three hours from Portland.

What are the amenities offered?
The Ranch’s many homeowner amenities include:

  • The 7,000- square foot Old Winery Clubhouse and Guest Villa, the focal point of Ranch social activities and celebrations. Classic Tuscan architecture, coupled with a professional-quality kitchen, provides a warm setting for owners and guests to celebrate weddings, family reunions, birthdays and meetings. Offering dramatic 360° views of Teal Lake, Smith Rock and the Cascade Mountains, the Clubhouse also features four guest rooms, an exercise room, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, custom pizza oven, horse shoes, tennis court and steam rooms.
  • The Tuscan Stables, a distinct equestrian facility blending Tuscan design with Ranch ambiance.  Landholders have easy access to the private canyons of the Ranch and some of the most beautiful trail riding in the state through our Ride the Ranch program guided by Brian Thomas of Complete Horsemanship.  This is also a unique and beautiful outdoor event and wedding venue that can accommodate up to 200 guests.
  • Full-care horse boarding at Cavallo Equestrian Center, a beautiful new private facility offering first class amenities and professional management and training.
  • Monkey Face Vineyard, Central Oregon’s first vineyard, which grows several French-American hybrid varietals selected specifically for the Central Oregon terroir and climate.
  • Exclusive access to two miles of the Crooked River as it passes through the Ranch for  year-round fly-fishing.
  • More than 500 acres of natural landscape set aside as a permanent nature preserve.
  • Several majestic waterfalls, including the natural Paiute Falls on the Crooked River and handcrafted              waterfalls throughout the property.
  • Four distinct canyons to explore: Monkey Face, Red Rock, Black Rock and Pinnacle Canyon.
  • 600 acres of irrigated farmland.
  • Nineteen ponds and lakes stocked with trout, bass and other species for catch and release fishing.
  • Easy access to Smith Rock State Park and its miles of hiking, equestrian and mountain biking trails.

Can I board and ride my horse at the Ranch?
With the opening of new Cavallo Equestrian Center, Owners have the option of full care boarding for their horses. Additionally, Owners may trailer their horses to the Tuscan Stables and ride throughout the Ranch trails.

Are horses allowed on individual landholdings?
Currently horses are not permitted to live on individual landholdings of the Ranch, except for Landholding 47 which had an existing barn on the property.  Landowners may keep their horses at the Ranch for day trips or utilize the new Cavallo Equestrian Center for horse boarding.

What style of home can be built at the Ranch?
The surrounding rockscape offers an ideal setting for the charm of Tuscan-style villas, which complement and enrich the dramatic environment.  The Design Review Committee works closely with each landholder to integrate personal tastes and design elements into their home while creating a balance with the Design Guidelines.

How many landholdings are there and how large?
There are only 46   landholdings on the 1,700-acre ranch, ranging from 4 acres to nearly 14 acres.

What does my landholding interest include?
Each Tenancy-in-Common owner, or landholder, has the right to use an individual landholding with the specific acreage for each of these as stipulated in the applicable deed. On the landholding, the owner may build a home within an approximately two-acre home site envelope, and is entitled to additional acreage for individual landscaping. The balance of the landholding acreage will be considered the “private area” reserved for the owner. Home design and landscape requirements are guided by the Ranch’s Design Review Committee.

What is the Tenancy-in-Common ownership structure?
The Tenancy-in-Common (TIC) agreement states that each owner possesses a 1/46th undivided interest in the 1,700 acres and common facilities that comprise the Ranch. Each owner is entitled to the exclusive right to possess a landholding that is described in each owner’s deed and the TIC agreement, and can sell their share separately without having to involve the other owners.  All tenants-in-common owners have the right to have access to the entire property, giving everyone equal access to all the finest parts of the ranch.

Why the Tenancy-in-Common ownership structure?
While Tenancy-in-Common ownership structures (TICs) are fairly common throughout the United States, it is not very common in Central Oregon. The reason the Ranch was established as a TIC is that the 1,700 Acres that comprise the Ranch is zoned EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) by Deschutes County. Under the EFU zoning laws, lots at the Ranch could not be configured – both in location and size – as they are today. The Tenancy-in-Common structure, through its use of TIC interests and “Landholdings”, enabled us to lay them out in a way that maximizes privacy and views, while keeping them manageable sizes and ensuring that all agricultural acreage would be the responsibility of the Association rather than each owner.

As a Tenant-in-Common, can I obtain a loan on my home?
Yes. A large number of banks have provided financing for Owners at the Ranch, including Wells Fargo, HomeStreet, and Bank of the Cascades.

Is there an Owner’s Association?
Yes. The Association’s By-Laws created a Board of Directors who are currently appointed by the Declarant and are responsible for overseeing the entire operations of the Ranch.  They establish the monthly and annual homeowner assessments including reserves and property taxes. The Board also appoints a Design Review Committee (DRC) to review homeowner plans and enforce provisions of the Conditions Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs).

Are there Design Guidelines?
Yes. Before construction, each home must go through a comprehensive Design Review process to ensure the proposed plans meet Design Guidelines. The Design Review Committee, or the Board of Directors at the Board’s discretion, reviews all residential design and landscape plans.

Can I choose my own architect or designer and builder?
Yes, owners are welcome to choose their own architect and builder. We do have the names of several professionals who have had positive experiences building at the Ranch that we are happy to pass along if desired.

Are there common areas of land?
Each owner owns 1/46th of the entire property. Any area that is not designated as an Owner landholding is considered to be “common area” resulting in over 90% open space.

Can I have a swimming pool on my property?
Yes, swimming pools are allowed as approved by the Design Review Committee.

Are dogs and other pets allowed in Ranch at the Canyons?
Yes, four-legged friends are welcome at the ranch.

Is the Ranch at the Canyons a gated community?
Yes. The entire property is a gated community. Gates are installed at the main entrance on Vineyard Way, offering privacy and security. In addition, there is a second gate for additional access, used primarily for equestrian, construction and Owner access.

What are the monthly expenses?
For 2017, Landholder monthly assessments are $925 per month for the entire operational costs for the Ranch plus $170 per month for reserves. As a Tenancy in Common, the Owners Association pays all property taxes for the underlying land and common area amenities, including the property taxes applicable to each landholding. The annual property tax allocation, evenly divided across all 46 Owners, is estimated at about $3,000 per year. The land property taxes remain low, a benefit of the majority of Ranch land being taxed as EFU farmland.  Upon building a home, a separate tax account will be created and landowners will be taxed directly for the value of the structure, as assessed by Deschutes County. A current budget is available and can be provided upon request.

  • What are the Utility Sources?
    Electrical: Central Electric Cooperative
  • High-Speed Internet: Bend Broadband and other options are available
  • Television/Cable:  Numerous providers are available including DirectTV, Dish and Bend Broadband
  • Telephone: CenturyLink and various Internet phone providers
  • Water:  Each landholding will utilize a private well
  • Sewer:  Each landholding will have a County approved septic system
  • Propane: Various local service providers are available
  • Trash: Trash pick-up is available at your driveway through High Desert Disposal